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Real Estate
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Only Real
Public Access TV
Talk in Tongues

Date: 3/18/2015 Doors: 7:30PM Time: 8:00PM-2AM Venue: Cheer Up Charlies Age: 21+

Join us as we kick off the 2015 JanSport Bonfire Sessions at SXSW on Wednesday, March 18th at Cheer Up Charlies in downtown Austin. RSVP above!

The highly anticipated sixth season of the free outdoor concert series brings the party back to SXSW this year with a six-artist lineup featuring Real Estate, Waxahatchee, Twin Peaks, Public Access TV, Only Real, and Talk In Tongues.

  • To listen to Real Estate's jangly, approachable, pristine indie rock is to be transported not only to a specific place - the suburbs that they've spent their last few albums so dutifully chronicling - but to a specific type of golden hour afternoon during which everything is chill and life is pretty OK. Real Estate is one of rock music's most dependable bands, always delivering a good show, a good time, and a good reminder that guitars can do great things together.
  • With the lo-fi confessionals on her albums American Weekend and Cerulean Salt, Katie Crutchfield, or Waxahatchee, established herself as one of this decade's preeminent chroniclers of twentysomething malaise. This spring, she's putting out her third album, Ivy Tripp, which promises to rock harder but keep things just as real and raw.
  • Launched out of the Chicago DIY scene, Twin Peaks have had a rapid rise thanks to their relentless touring and explosive live energy. But they don't just coast on being cool young dudes. With tight songwriting that taps into the frustrations of romance and youth, they have a darker, more thoughtful side that makes them worth listening to a little more closely than the mosh pits they start might suggest.
  • New York’s Public Access TV is a fun, poppy project from a downtown scene you may have forgotten. The band’s brief career to date has already proven that they’re consistently able to produce quality and catchy tracks that are perfect for skipping your way through the big city, texting a friend that you think the Empire State Building “looks quite beautiful tonight.” We love you, New York.
  • London’s Only Real is a project from across the pond that feels like you’re living a life that's permanently sunny. (An interesting phenomenon considering it’s always raining in England, right?) Eh, oh well, music is here to transport us wherever we want to be, and Only Real makes music you can dance to anywhere. What else could you want?
  • Wavy Los Angeles-bred indie rockers Talk In Tongues hone a psychedelic, tone-bending, gnarly electric guitar sound that amplifies and echoes itself as you embrace it. Even their harshest song is easy on the eardrums. Their sound teleports you to a lackadaisical bonfire at the beach, so turn the volume up and prepare to dance ‘til your feet hurt.